About Us

What to expect as a guest at Christ's Mission Church

When you visit Christ's Mission Church you can expect to be greeted at the door by friendly people who will welcome you to Christ's Mission Church, give you a bulletin, show you where rest rooms and nurseries are located if you should need them and be introduced to our Guests Host. This person will give you a packet that tells you more about the church and has an information card in it for you to fill out. They will also show you where our worship auditorium is.

Our gatherings are very informal and friendly but respectful and our worship assembly starts with songs, both contemporary and traditional (although we lean more towards the contemporary). We ask that everyone, if able, stand for the singing. In the middle of the song service we take a few minutes to greet one another but GUESTS ARE NEVER SINGLED OUT.

After our singing, one of the men of the church leads us in a Scriptural meditation and then we partake of the Lord's Supper. Because of what the New Testament teaches, we partake of the Lord's Supper weekly. You do not have to be a member of Christ's Mission Church to partake but we do ask that you be an immersed believer. If you are not yet an immersed believer or do not feel comfortable partaking of the Lord's Supper simply pass the trays to the next person when they are offered to you. After the Lord's Supper, we take up an offering to support the work of the church. This is for our members. Our guests are not expected to contribute but are welcome to if they so desire.

Our prayer time is a very intimate time where both members and guests are allowed to stand at their seats and share a praise or a request.The congregation is then asked to stand and join hands and each praise and request is prayed for by an elder of the church. All of our sermons are Bible-based and usually last between 20-25 minutes. There is an sermon outline in your bulletin to make it easy for you to follow along. At the end of the sermon there is a prayer and a closing song. Everyone is then dismissed to go to fellowship time.

Following a 20 minute fellowship time, Sunday School is offered with classes for all ages. If you have not yet visited Christ's Mission Church, we would love to meet you.